Maui Monday

After nearly two weeks at sea, the crew is happy to see land again. Currently, we are about 257 nm away from our destination of Lahaina, Maui. Lahaina has some beautiful natural landscapes so people have talked about going diving, surfing, hiking, or even just lounging around on a beach.

Beautiful picture of a pacific sunset taken by Dr. Clemons.

From the Depths of the Engine Room:

Here is a small collection of photos of a standard day in the engine room. In these photos Engine Cadets are working on daywork teams as well as standing watch.

Passing Through the Pacific

As of yesterday, we’re about 1500 nm from the Hawaii Islands and the crew is back into the swing of things. The cadets are back on their respective rotations doing day-work, standing watch, and learning in the classroom. We are almost through what is the longest stretch at sea for Cruise 1, and everyone is really stoked to enjoy what Maui has to offer.

More El Salvador

I received a couple more pictures from El Salvador:

Second Sunday BBQ!

Last night we had our second Sunday BBQ. The weather was perfect, and there was plenty of food and fun. We had some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs, while enjoying the cool breeze and warm sunshine. The ship even had it’s own talent show. Some of the performances included a freestyle rap, a small tap dancing band combo, and a ukulele solo. It was very exciting to see our fellow shipmates share their talents. We were all very entertained! Thanks again to the Captain and the Galley Staff for all the hard work that goes into these BBQs! We’re all very appreciative of it!



Happy Mother’s Day!

From those aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear, we’d like to wish the mother’s out there a very happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for the love, support, and guidance you have given us. We would not be here today without it. Have a wonderful day!

Back at Sea!

After a good stay in El Salvador, the ship is back at sea destined for the Hawaiian Islands. Rotations are back in swing with cadets on day-work, on watch,  and in the classroom.

Salvadorean Mountain Coffee Tour

During our stay in El Salvador, there were several tours available for the crew to take and see different aspects of the country. One of the tours took a group into the mountains to see several small villages, cascades, and a coffee plantation. In the village, there were markets to buy food and small souvenirs. There were a lot of small handcrafted goods made from local materials. At the cascade, there were small pools to take a dip in. The water was extremely refreshing and a great way to cool off midday. Finally at the coffee plantation, the group saw the way coffee is processed from cherry to finished product, which the group bought several pounds of. Definitely a great way to experience Salvadorean culture and see some of the beautiful countryside!