Lahaina Arrival/Departure

The Cadets were up super early the morning the Golden Bear arrived in Lahaina and were involved in the anchoring of the Ship. There was a crew of Cadets running the 9 Boat as a shuttle to shore. Lahaina is the last port that the Golden Bear will be anchored. The Ship will be dock side at the next two ports.

The Fast Rescue Boat was along side the 9 Boat to direct it towards the Ship gently.

Cadets Feinberg, Ferrell and Trochesset were on watch and communicating with the 9 Boat.

A group picture of the remaining Cadets on board before they could leave for Liberty.

Cadets manning the 9 Boat in preparation for the loading of passengers.

Cadets putting the Fast Rescue Boat away using the crane.

Cadet Christ just as he finished operating the crane with the Fast Rescue Boat.

Cadets securing the Fast Rescue Boat to the Golden Bear.

Cadets Cole, Barton and Trouchesset cleaning up the 9 Boat as the Ship gets underway.

Cadets in Training

Cadets in Mate Jones class learn how to use a swing and pulley most commonly used for paint jobs on the ship. The Cadets were taught all the steps on how to set up the swing correctly and safely. This lesson was extremely important because the Golden Bear uses this technique often.

Cadets adjusting Mullin’s harness in preparation for the swing.

The Cadets untangling a block and tackle.

Mate Jones teaching the Cadets the proper knots used for the swing.

Cadet Mullins ascending the bulkhead.

Cadet Kimball pulling himself up to get to the top.

Cadet Lowth hoists himself up to the top of the pulley.



The Cadets have learned how to do a variety of things on Cruise from chipping paint to sewing a sea bag. The Golden Bear is expected to anchor in Lahaina on the Island of Maui on Friday. The Cadets are extremely excited to get to the next Island.

Cadet Fenton working on his sea bag required for Mate Jones class.

Cadet Sayvetz chipping paint on the Golden Bear’s Forward House.

Cadets Cole, Sayers, Flaherty and Rowder working on the weather report.

Cadets Shire, Son, Clanton and Dixon with Oscar, the dummy used for man overboard drills.

Cadet McClean on the Forward House of the Golden Bear painting.

Engineers in Action

The Engineers were working diligently yesterday in and out of the Classroom. The training that they receive on building and repairing items for the Ship takes place in the Engine Room Workshop. Today, the Engineers were in Practical Training classes and worked on repairing a door.

Cadet Vancil demonstrating the part of the door that needed to be repaired.

Cadet Comstock working on fixing a part.

Cadets in the Machine Shop making repairs to a door.

Cadet Flores teaching Cadet Hoy what all the systems do.

Cadet Jones drawing a system in ETO Green’s class.

Engine Cadets in Practical Training class.

Cadets Parker and Thomas working on an assignment in Practical Training Class.

Cadets paying close attention in ETO Rigg’s Class.

Cadets listening to ETO Green’s lecture on the systems.




The Cadets were excited to have a little down time and enjoy the sights, food and each other at the BBQ. Lots of the Cadets wore Hawaiian shirts that were perfect for the occasion.

Cadet Kramer happy that it is a BBQ Day with great food.

Cadets relaxing and enjoying the Hawaiian weather in their festive Hawaiian shirts.

Cadets Rodriguez and Lancaster happy to have a break.

Cadets Farine, Pignatelli, Templin, Chelf, Trouchesset, Smith and Matlock enjoying the food.

LWO Tuten and Cadets Parker, Mukuru and Guerrero posed for a quick picture while waiting in line.

Cadets Lowth, Loga, Lowe, Kimball and Ryan helped set up the BBQ Day and were relieved to sit down and eat.

The Galley Staff working hard to prepare a delicious meal for the Cadets.

Cadets Kramer and Johnson relaxing on the Fantail.

Cadets Patterson and Sultz happy to have a break.

Cadets Pena and Mena were on watch but got an opportunity to grab some food.

Cadets Gayo, Schrader and Bagley having a good time!

All the Cadets managed to fit comfortably on the Fantail and enjoy the Island views.

All the Cadets brought out their beach chairs to take the opportunity to relax in the sun.

Even though cadet Takamoto had watch in the Engine Room, she came up to get some food.

Cadets McElvain and Sayers caught Mahi Mahi fish this week and got to grill it up.

Cal Maritime Cadets in their lounge chairs.

Cadet McElvain monitoring the fish on the grill and super proud of his catch.

Day Work

The Golden Bear was off the Coast of Oahu yesterday and the Cadets were doing much needed maintenance around the ship. It was a beautiful day yesterday and not too hot for all the Cadets painting as well as doing other projects.

Cadet McElvain pointed out some sail boats that were very close to the Golden Bear.

Cadet Britt worked on taking a wire off a post so that it could get painted.

Cadet Gardner and friends at the top of the Aft House.

Cadet Ryan applying primer to a railing.

Cadets Ciampaglio and Ryan making sure the Cadet in the swing was secure.

Cadet Zemke taking the weather report for the day.

Cadet Kimball applying primer to the Forward House of the Ship.


Off the Coast of Molokai

As the Golden Bear made its way past Molokai yesterday, the Cadets were extremely excited to see some uninhabited land with breath taking cliffs, luscious forests and awe-inspiring water falls.

Cadet Farine certainly enjoyed the amazing view.

Cadets Sayers and Christ happy in Hawaii.

Cadets Thibeaudex and Schrader happy to see this side of Molokai.

Cadet Church content to see something so cool.

Cadets Colombo and Sanders happy to be in Hawaii.

Cadets Cole and Rome in the simulator.

Cadet Pignatelli using the ECDIS.

Cadet Vele at the helm, keeping the Golden Bear on it’s course.

Cadets Miller, Jasminoy, Jackson and Ciampaglio working on painting the rails.

Cadets Miller and Ciampaglio painting the rails and overseeing the task at hand.


Class Time

As we continue around Hawaii the Cadets have been in new class rotations after Kona, Hawaii. Mate Jones class has been using the Bow and a classroom for lessons and hands on like experience.

Cadets Wells, Rutkowski and Thiboldeaux are super proud of their knot tying skills.

Cadets Miller and Schmidt enjoying class outside.

Cadets Schmidt, Thiboldeaus, Dancyger and Miller making sure that the line was secured properly and holding.

Cadets Sully, Sosnowski, Dancyger and Thompson learning a lot duringĀ  some time on the Bow.

Cadet Colombo tying a knot on a line.

Cadet Dancyger was super proud of his knot tying skills.

Cadets Taylor, Thompson, Sosnowski and Anderson putting on a stopper on a line to hold it in place.

Cadets Thiboldeaux and Schmidt moving lines.


Cadets Along the Coast

The Cadets took a short break from their hard work and posed in front of the beautiful Maui shoreline. The Golden Bear has sailed by this kind of scenery for the past couple days, building the anticipation for Lahaina.

Cadet Shire excited to see this side of the Island.

Cadet Kennedy enjoyed being on deck to see this sight.

Cadets Reeves and Wrinkle enjoying the fantastic view and they pointed out a water fall that is on the Island.