Welcome to Follow the Voyage 2017: The Virtual Cruise of the Training Ship Golden Bear! Follow along with the cadets and crew on board as they head up the Delta to Sacramento, then Central America, the Hawaiian Islands and sail the U.S. West Coast.

Cruise 1 will begin on Wednesday, April 19 at 1600 with the ship departing Vallejo on Sunday, April 23 at 0800.  The change out will take place in Vallejo, CA this year.  The ship will arrive in Vallejo, CA on Tuesday, June 20, and Cruise 1 will officially end on Wednesday, June 21 at 1200.  Cruise 2 will begin on Wednesday, June 21 at 1600 in Vallejo, CA.  The ship arrives back in Vallejo, CA on Sunday, August 20 but Cruise 2 does not officially end until Monday, August 21 at 1200.


Cadets in Training

Cadets in Mate Jones class learn how to use a swing and pulley most commonly used for paint jobs on the ship. The Cadets were taught all the steps on how to set up the swing correctly and safely. This lesson was extremely important because the Golden Bear uses this technique often. Cadets adjusting Mullin’s …


The Cadets have learned how to do a variety of things on Cruise from chipping paint to sewing a sea bag. The Golden Bear is expected to anchor in Lahaina on the Island of Maui on Friday. The Cadets are extremely excited to get to the next Island. Cadet Fenton working on his sea bag …