Call to Quarters


Deck: Cadets Zachary Baize, Jason Pollock, Erik Glaser, Ryan Cardin, Dustin Ernest, James Kaufman, Sandy Walker, Daniel Stuhr, David Mitchell,Nicholas Edwards (Division Commander), Matthew Scalera, and Scott Berardi.

ENGINEERS:  Cadets Tybur Reed, Paula Tuziak, Craig Newton(Corp Chief),Leowen John Punzalan

Charles Judge(Corp 2nd), Daniel Nichols, William Sharp and Suzanne Swader

supported: Matthew Toman (Corp 1st)

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On the bridge………..


Master of the Training ship Golden Bear, Captain Sam Pecota

Our Navigator, 2nd Mate Dave Coleman


Licensed Watch Officer Mate Kathy Shankle


Licensed Watch Officer  Buddy Blackburn ..0800-1200…”Just one heck of a LWO”……….

Golden Bear Chief Mate Bill Schmid

Day Mate Nicholas Shields ..on the deck ..everywhere!

Bos’n Mary Kate Terwedow ….new spirt…..

In charge of Vessel Communications  3’d Mate Ian Lim



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All things have to come to an end. And our stay in one of the west coasts’ most beautiful ports ended this warm and sunny morning. The boulevard along the port was busy with morning traffic as folks on shore commuted to their daily jobs. Alongside the ship, dock workers were already prepping the facilities for another ship…one that […] Continue Reading…

Our second day in port was  one of the most important days of our ships voyage. It was day the Golden Bear got an intensive hull inspection…both inside and outside..underwater. As the day began, cadets lucky enough to have a day off, scrambled off the ship to all parts of Southern California. Pier side, things got interesting […] Continue Reading…

Quite a nice menu for the San Diego reception. Chief Steward Louis Bones makes the final checks on the buffet . Cadets Coleman Rosenberg, Lucas Juon, Dallas Downing, Tegan Church and Kevin Thomas get the wine ready to go. Cadets Nicole Carman and […] Continue Reading…

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